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《music tech magazine出品音乐教程:第102期》(musictech mtm : vol 102 dvdr tutorial)光盘镜像PDF书籍下载

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教程名称:Music Tech Magazine - Issue 102

Music Tech Magazine音乐杂誌第102期,容量多达4G的音乐教学包含平日常用的音乐效果与更具创意的音乐创作指导,帮助你最大优化电脑和DAW(数位音频工作站)系统,集合Pro Tools、Cubase、Live、Reason和Logic等眾多的音乐创作录制软体或工作站平臺教学。

Reason 6 Preview, Scoring for Strings, Ultimate Guide to Filtering, Studio Icons: Atari 520ST, The MTM Interview: Guy Massey, Ten Minute Master Choosing the Right Mic. ON THE DVD - 4GB of Content!.

This Month’s Workshops
25 Tips For… Workflow & Productivity
Keeping the creative juices flowing during a session is much easier if you’re properly set up and ready to go. Liam O’Mullane explains how he keeps it happening in the studio…
Tools for a Live Performance
Live is simple to use, but due to its open format you have to plan ahead just how you intend to use it. We explore some performance options…
Sampler Instruments in Logic Pro
Creating your own sampler instruments can be an enjoyable and creatively rewarding experience. Mark Cousins gets in on the action.
Patch Design and Creative Effects in Absynth 5
The ease with which you can create evolving, organic textures in Absynth makes it a sound-designer’s favourite tool. Hollin Jones explains all.

New kit coming under the expert eyes of Music Tech’s reviewers include the Nord Stage 2 HA76, Korg Kronos, Eventide Space, Josephson C715, Apogee Duet, UA The Rock, Monkey Banana Turbo 5, HEA Poetic Guitars, NI Vintage Compressors and more…

Dance FX (900MB)
No matter what style of music you’re writing, it’s vitally important to emphasise your arrangement with subtle – and not so subtle – use of FX, so the listener is led from section to section of your track. To help you on your way, we’ve got a massive collection of 390 all-new synth effects to spice up your productions. All of the sounds came from manually manipulating the filters and oscillators on a Roland SH-101, then feeding them through various effects in Logic (including several plug-ins from the SoundToys suite). The result is a high-quality collection of complex-sounding sweeps, lasers and hits in 16-bit and 24-bit WAV format.

Robotic Vocals & Effects (200MB)
From vocoders to ring modulators, pitch and formant shifters, there are many ways in which you can create robotic-sounding voices by manipulating a vocal recording. The good people at Equinox Sounds have put together a collection of 40 robot vocal samples using a number of techniques. You’ll also find 60 mechanical whooshes, bleeps, clunks and drones to add a machine-like vibe to your tracks. Most samples are 16-bit WAVs, others are 32-bit.

Prime Loops Taster Pack (190MB)
The prolific team at Prime Loops has put together a tasty selection of cutting-edge samples taken from seven of the company’s latest releases. First up, there’s deep future garage synths and beats with the Dubstep Illusions pack (reviewed in this month’s Mini Reviews). You’ll also find heavily processed sweeps and impacts with Black SFX, big hip hop stabs and beats with Urban Hype, Urban Dance Freakz, and Dirty South Wars 2, deep ambiences with Phatmospheres, plus a selection of meaty beats from the Platinum Dubstep pack.

Logic Production Tips
Point Blank Online offers a range of four-week, internet-based courses covering production techniques in different dance music genres and focusing on Logic and Ableton Live. After the massive success of the Ableton Dubstep course, Point Blank now offers a Logic version, with particular focus on building classic dubstep sounds using Logic’s built-in synths and effects. We’ve got seven videos packed with pro production tips including Flex-Time and Sculpture percussion tricks, adding foley sounds to your beats, creating bass sounds using the EFM synth and more. Download the files from the disc to view all seven videos in hi-res.

    书名:《music tech magazine出品音乐教程:第102期》(musictech mtm : vol 102 dvdr tutorial)光盘镜像PDF书籍下载
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